Spare Parts

Dry Ink roll 36x36x11

our standard hot ink roll. It can create the clear images with good adhesion and excellent abra..

Teflon Belts


100ml Numex ink

Prints on Films, Metals, Laminates, Plastics, Cloths, Ceramics, etc. Quick drying, Water, Oil, Greas..

12.7mm solvent Ink Cartridge

Sabena L12 solvent Black Ink is excellent for marking porous and non-porous substrates. L12  dr..

25mm ink cartridge

sabena L25 ink cartridge is quick dry ink. Ink dry time is typically instant to a few seconds but ca..

8 pin relay


carbon bush


Driving roller

Driving Wheel is a one of the Major Spare Parts of band Sealer Machine,..

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