Packing Materials

colour standup pouch

Colour Standup pouch is a new trend in plastic industry, it comes with zip and without zip also the..

Flat Bottom Pouch

Flat Bottom pouches are eight side sealed pouch. The bottom of the pouch is flat, once the product i..

Induction HDPE wad

ATTENTION :  If you are order first time please ensure your jar / container is HDPE and&nb..

Induction PET wad

Induction PET wads are used to seal PET jars. This Wads consist of Sealing Layer + Alumiunum Foil + ..

LDPE / HDPE / PP Heat seal aluminium foils

LDPE / HDPE / PP Heat seal foils widely used in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, cosmetics, oils, ch..

PET Heat Seal Aluminium Foils

PET aluminium foil seals are used to seal PET jars or containers using direct heat seal method.These..

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